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North Wales Improvements

A thorough compliment of dependencies contribute to the property’s unique character and distinction. Perhaps the most notable is the circa 1916–1920, two-story Georgian Revival-style stone carriage house with a hipped slate roof and copper-domed copula. Weld’s architects, Little and Browne, carefully sited the beautifully crafted structure at the bottom of the driveway such that it lies directly in the manor house’s line of sight and acts as a counter balance to the manor home. The carriage house showcases period and architectural details such as cross batten stall doors, light transoms, and elliptical stone arches. 

A separate, two-and-one-half story Dutch Colonial Revival-style house is equally impressive. Also designed by Little and Browne, this home has a lovely columned veranda and sits among towering tress on a knoll hat overlooks the extensive equestrian facilities. Nearest to the manor is the quaint, original stone cottage that predates all other dwellings and to which a second story was later added.

The equestrian facilities are exceptional and plentiful at North Wales and allow for professional breeding and raising of horses and can be used for pleasure riding. The farm also includes a substantial number of barns, sheds, farm-related structures, including a central farm office. Additionally, there are a collection of tenant homes in a variety of appealing architectural styles that further add to the utility of the property.

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